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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Parents expectations – Illustration Rebecca Teclemariam-Mesbah

Each time I see parents at the parents-teachers meetings they always ask me if their child should take some more art classes. Some it is because they think she is not showing any talent other because on the contrary they think they have a new Matisse in the house. I don’t know if more classes for a child already attending school every day would make a difference. I know that they are already stressing out about what these kids will do when they grow up. I usually answer something in the line of “let him/her be she is only 3 years old” but in a more diplomatic way! Hum. And remind them about all children having talent because I truely belive it. But it is not necessarily the talent they see or expect. And I like to remind them the latent talents all these kids have so whether or not they are “good” at art does not matter!

Some kids have a talent for observation. They will see details in a paiting and can be very good at copying a painting for example. This skill is tremendously useful in biology for example. The hours I have spent observing slides  through a microscope trying to spot differences can testify to this.

Some have talent for matching colors. My brother-in-law is a printer and can spot minute differences of colour in a print, no wonder he worked as a quality control manager!

All have talent for inventing something out of the material I give them. They make up a story and tell this story through their creation. This process is one we need every day! Whether it is to cook a meal with what is left in the fridge or find what is jamming the printer. We are all creative and could be even more if we would only let ourselves be. Now, we can at least start with our kids!


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  1. Thanks! This is food for thought… Today’s world requires us to be super flexible and allow ourselves to adjust our thinking and skills to the needs and environment where jobs are available! Nothing is set in concrete anymore… I


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