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Fear of failure finds no place…

We all heard of Alexander Fleming the discoverer of penicillin the first manufactured antibiotic which was eventually able to save millions of lives by curing tuberculosis, syphilis and other such diseases. Fleming was investigating the properties of a particular bacterial strain. Before leaving on holidays, he left a stack of culture dishes on a bench in a corner of his laboratory thinking “I’ll take care of that later”. After a month of summer holidays he found these dishes where he had left them of course and he saw some fungus had grown in them. And what is here interesting is that he did not just toss them in the bin not try to hide the. He took a look at the dishes and saw that around the fungus, the bacteria did not grow.  He identified the sustance the fungus produced as the first antibiotic. Basically, he turned a mistake into a success. Had he been mortified by his slopiness that would not have happened!

Artwork by Bouzic

One of the biggest obstacles we find ourselves when we are creative is that we since we tread “on the path less traveled”, we cannot know what the outcome will be and fear criticism, failure, etc. As much as it is exhilarating to be the first to walk in fresh snow, the down side is that only our footprints are there so everyone will know it was us! If we learn to embrace mistakes as the building blocks that help us learn, we will learn to see them as they are: a part of life. Of course, to be able to identify the source of the mistake and find another path is a skill that one needs to acquire!


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