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Travelling bug

Dubai Airport by RTM

There is something about travelling that always appeals to me. I have lived in only a few countries in my life: Ethiopia, Kenya, France, Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina but somehow I love the idea of going “abroad” (even though I am already abroad)! But I usually hate the process of travel: the packing, the going to the airport three hours early, the waiting, the increased heartbeat at the passport check, more waiting, the grumpy airport staff,  some waiting, the small seats and then the strange beds and jetlag… but I will always bear it all because I am too curious to see how it is elsewhere! What do these people over there think and do? There is so much to discover in this world I never understood why would one want to go to the moon!


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  1. Excellent ! That’s the way I feel too. If more people would open their eyes to others using natural curiosity, there would be less worries at the airports and it would be easier to travel and to learn more from the others and, why not, to understand the “stangers”.


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