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Inspiration on board

Seeing all these gorgeous inspiration boards on the blogosphere made me want to have one too! So I gathered my favorite items (clutter material for some, and I know who you are…) and arranged it all on the cork board. Looks great. Don’t know if I feel more inspired but I do feel more organised! You can see a lot of my inspiration has to to with travelling!

Finding inspiration is actually harder than just putting a display on a cork board. It can be a colour, a sight or even a simple conversation about something meaningful. As social animals we naturally use language to create bonds, chatting about the weather, gossiping about our neighbours, exchanging tips about new shops. How much deeper could this bond be when would use language to share our most profound thoughts, the longing of our souls, our awe in the face of Creation.

An artist I admire for her skill, creativity but also generosity, Alisa Burke has put together an online class about “finding your muse” . It is all about finding inspiration NOT on the computer! So once you’ve looked at it, move away from the screen and go find your muse! Click here for the class.


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