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Creative and entrepreneur

My mother is an amazing creative person. Since I can remember I have seen her paint, create objects out of nothing, decorate the house with was available (not much in Africa in the 60s), sew her own dresses. Now she make cute notebooks (shown in the picture above) and still paints once in a while. But until recently she had never sold anything she made. She would instead give it away saying it was too easy to make! It is only since my sister opened an etsy shop (click here to visit) that her stuff is actually getting sold. I have to say that I have the same tendency to say “it’s nothing” although I try to fight it, plus I need the money! A book I read recently has helped me tremendously understand the underlying emotions. In “The Creative Entrepeneur”, author and entrepeneur Lisa Sonora Beam addresses the concept of “Gifts and flow”. What comes naturally or easily to you, where you barely have to exert effort, what peaople compliment you on accomplishing that seems easy to you is precisely the “gift” you have. This is how you can identify that you have a talent. And as gifts come it is not proper to just give them away carelessly! The whole book addresses strategies to make your business real. Recognizing your talents is only the first step!


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