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People who know me might find hysterical that I am such a Lion Mom when it comes to my kids and sports. I was never good at sport and I don’t enjoy it. This week-end I fought with the organisers of the Sarajevo 4 km Run for Europe who did not want to let my kids run the full 4 km! Somehow my Ethiopian blood skipped some generations… I have my husband to thank for. He is the sports manager in the house. But somehow I know that there is a connection between our body and what is happening inside our heads. I envy my husband who when stressed goes for a run to clear his head or goes for a swim when he feels his energy is low. To have such a “friendly” relationship with one’s body is clearly a gift I want to pass on to our kids.
Recently I noticed that my son was constantly drumming on the table while doing his maths homework. It was a bit annoying so I asked him to stop when he told me it actually helped him get the numbers right. We figured out a way he could silently drum so all adults including his teacher would be OK and him not stifled. I shared this anecdote with a friend whose child was once diagnosed ADD and prescribed Ritalin. A year ago the kid decided he would not take the medication anymore. This child is a good friend of my son and he is what my sister would call “high octane” being a very funny and lively child. His mother told me that after we had talked she was working on maths with him and he stood up and took a ball. This time instead of asking him to sit down and listen, she told him to throw the ball and work on the maths at the same time. She was amazed about how quicker the home work was done. These are two clear examples of kinesthetic learners although my son is for other subject than maths more of a visual learner, but it reminds me that as much as we use our bodies to learn through sight, touch etc… we can use also movements.


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  1. Excellent ! J’adore Pourrait aider des tas de gens qu’on a empêché de bouger quand ils étaient enfants et d’enfants qui pourraient s’exprimer autrement.


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