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Story telling to develop creativity

My class wanted to have a sleepover at the school so I suggested we do a story telling evening. No electronics allowed. Each brought a story to tell from a book or one they had written. As you can see, some had even props as flashlights for the “scary” stories. They enjoyed it so much that we had to keep time for more stories in the morning after breakfast!

I have great memories of my childhood in Ethiopia when we would visit my relatives. All kids would sit outside in the dark (night falls at 6 pm every day, the whole year round) and we would invent stories to tell each other. There is even a rhyme you use to open the floor. The story-teller says “Teret, teret” to which all the kids answer “yelam beret”. I am not sure what the saying means but I have wonderful memories of these evenings and certainly shaped my imagination. I love telling stories which I get to do as a teacher and as a parent. My kids are 14 and 10 but they still love listening to my storytelling!

I find storytelling a great skill to teach kids as it not only fosters creativity but also helps them to anticipate, think about the end before the beginning, give some structure to the story, describe characters, modulate their voices or vary facial expressions.


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