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Planning a sustainable life

I am reading an interesting book by Linda Kavelin-Popov, “A pace of grace” in which she describes how she transformed her life. Usually I am quite immune to this type of books where the author provides you with recipes for everything and every situation. However, in this, the humility of the author kept my interest going. One point she makes is to plan for a sustainable life be it financially, emotionally or materially.  It is a very profound concept which has implication for all around us as well. As I am here in the South of France spending time with friends, I realize that I already have planned sustainable friendships .I took this picture at sunrise as I was taking time to walk, pray and meditate in the beautiful surroundings. One path in the garden was wet from the automatic sprinklers and I though it is a beautiful illustration of the path we all walk, slippery, tortuous but luminous, eventually.

To know more about the book and the author, see


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  1. What a gorgeous photo! To be in the South of France is my forever dream.

    Thanks for the book recommendation.

  2. Yes Life is tortuous, slippery but shining too and its curved paths are helping us not to walk in the mud after all !
    Enjoy !!!


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