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The sky is the limit

As I am turning 45 today, I am standing at the middle point of my life. Unlike my father, I have decided I shall live a long life well into my 90s! Of course I start feeling the effects of age: white hair (I cover it), joint pain (I force myself to walk daily), increased recovery time  and some more but the greatest change is that I seem to have lost any tolerance for idle talk, useless errands or negative people. As the time when my bodily dysfunctions will remain minor is now limited, loosing time is not a luxury I can afford. The last 45 years have passed so quickly!

To avoid turning into an irate old lady though I read regularly biographies of people who did great things at an advanced age and with an ailing health.  One of them was Sarah Jane Farmer who created in the late 1800s in Maine a meeting place for people to discuss world peace.  She met with many difficulties stemming mainly from her main bodily defect i.e. she was a woman!  She was a visionary and wrote “It has been our privilege to stand with open door, calling to all who hunger and thirst for the abundant life to come and be assured that it is possible to find it now.”*

As I review my “bucket list” of things I want to do before I die, I see maturity finally coming to me (becoming tall and athletic is not anymore on my list!) and I remember that the sky is still the limit but that contentment comes now and in the small things .

 *Sarah Jane Farmer, 1899 (opening quotation of Green Acre on the Piscataqua)


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