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I was surprised and honored when I was given Swiss citizenship upon getting married to my Swiss husband. My father-in-law who had then been married more than 30 years to my Swiss mother-in-law was still waiting for that to happen (this asymmetry in the law has now been corrected!). Funnily I find myself more actively promoting Switzerland to my kids than my husband! I am grateful to some Swiss friends here who are helping me out on this path. Some years ago I was asked as a “Swiss artist” to submit a illustration for a book about mermaids now available here.  I had first done one mermaid swimming on the lake Leman but finally settled on the mountains the part I love most about the country.



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  1. fran teclemariam

    Je ne peux que me rejouir. L’essentiel pour moi est que tu sois bien traitee par les gens qui t;entourent ou meme plus loin. La pauvrete des relations humaines des francais est en train de les vider de tout interet. Ayant garde cette “certaine idee de la France”, j’en suis triste mais je suis pratique donc je suis tres contente que tu aies pu beneficier de cette famille himaine. La Suiise, selon moi, n’y a pas perdu car tu es une femme super !


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