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Finding inspiration – Changing your point of view

These days I receive a lot of news from people I know falling ill, dying, suffering and it takes a lot of strength to keep focus on creativity and beauty.   I remembered a project I did with a friend a while ago about the walls of Sarajevo (See here.) . We made close ups of graffiti and paintings inspired by their texture. Somehow these derelict walls could be beautiful if you just changed your point of view. Close-up or from afar things take on a different aspect. So again I went around the neighborhood to get inspiration and found these interesting textures.

I am reminded of this quote “the traveler witnesseth the beauty of the Friend in everything. Even in fire, he seeth the face of the Beloved. He beholdeth in illusion the secret of reality, and readeth from the attributes the riddle of the Essence. For he hath burnt away the veils with his sighing, and unwrapped the shroudings with a single glance; with piercing sight he gazeth on the new creation; with lucid heart he graspeth subtle verities. This is sufficiently attested by: “And we have made thy sight sharp in this day.”  (The valley of contentment, The Seven Valleys, Baha’u’llah).

It just takes a change of point of view! Just…


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