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Choose door one?

Ever had the feeling you were meant to choose one door when three are in front of you? With all the talk about life-work balance when we have only one life and try to fit everything in it. With huge list of projects we want to do but a daily to do list which is full of things we have to do, we have to make choices!  And the hardest part is having to say “no” . I am happy I have learned my limits but I am still not happy about it.  Each “no” is bitter-sweet. Bitter because it means giving up something important but still sweet because it is for something more important. The true definition of sacrifice. What consoles me is that I suspect that my last thought will not be  “If only I had taken that Photoshop class…”!

Photography of Sarajevo garage doors,


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  1. fran teclemariam

    Interesting indeed ! One used to photograph homes doors from such and such country but it is from the time home meant family and security. Now a days, security is nowhere and families split. For too many people and unfortunately much too many children home does not exist. Quite the contrary, cars are everywhere, People change the natural surrounding for them, braking ancestral mountains, cutting the perspectives over old rivers Cars run the world ! They need fuel to be able to move and they have to move in order to be useful for people. But in order to have enough fuel, the men are fighting savagely between each others to keep the sources of fuel for their own so they can use their cars to get richer without caring for their neighbours distress and they buy new cars, build more garages and close them with more doors. Their problem then ? how to beautify them ?


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