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On compassion and trust

My daughter loves to take pictures and I happen to be one of her admirers in everything she does. It is not surprising but it reminds me about two things I have been meditating on.

First is the virtue of compassion. People usually think is is about commiserating with people in need or suffering. But I believe it is also about being able to be happy for someone else’s successes and achievements.

Recently someone commented on how I did not count the change a taxi driver was giving me back. It is true, I rarely check the change because I am blessed to live in a country where I can count on one hand the instances in which I was cheated. Therefore I decided that it is simpler to trust everyone including taxi-drivers. The incidence of cheating is not worth going through life worrying. However, lately I find that even people who call themselves my friends and know me and my family for a long time imagine that I have a hidden agenda I feel hurt. Have I ever been less than truthful? Now as I see my daughter letting herself go in the stairs, two steps above me, I experience someone who trusts fully. And why shouldn’t she? Have I ever let her down?


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  1. fran teclemariam

    I am absolutely in admiration with this photo ! It is so interesting to see the variety of shapes, colours and lights which finally withoiut any usual logic marry so well together ! Thank you girl.


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