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Wishing you a year rich with love, friendship and unity!

carte de voeux 2

My husband’s uncle a psychiatrist and psychotherapist once remarked that most of his patients with serious mental health issues were males. He attributed that to the fact that men tend to bottle up their feelings and usually have a smaller friend network.  Women do not need to be very close with someone to share their feelings.

I was recently visiting a lovely Bosnian family where the father was explaining me about the extent of corruption in his profession and how it impacted on his life.  He kept complaining how others who took part in these actions were rewarded while he being honest did not get any pay raise or promotion.  “They are richer and I am poorer!” he exclaimed.  While his wife served us a beautiful meal smiling at him and joking about his habit of ranting against corruption, his children came in to give him a kiss. He then showed me pictures of the house he is building with the help of a group of friends. “I help them, they help me.” “So”, I said, “you are actually a rich man. You have love, unity and friendship. You would not have so much is you were not trustworthy”.  He paused for a while and with a thundering laugh said “It is true. I am a wealthy man!”

As for 2013, I can for sure predict (without the help of the Mayans or an octopus) that the state of the world will go from bad to worse. But I wish you all to be wealthy. Richer in friendship, in love and in unity.


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