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Martin Luther King

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My favorite comment on the inauguration of President Obama today is that he is “no longer a Black President”. See article here. Political analysts agree that the discourse that dominated this last American election was not based on his color but rather on the ideas he stands for.  We’re not yet to the point where Martin Luther King’s dream of joining hands in brotherhood is realized but it is a step. As I watch the horrid massacres going on around the world as I write, I believe even small steps are worth a celebration.


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  1. seeing every man and woman not by the color of their skin, or the shape of their face but by what they stand for in words and deeds is a step closer to seeing the world as one, leaving behind a reason to fight and working towards something to build.

  2. fran teclemariam

    Excellent ! Yes we must celebrate little events which please us otherwise we shall loose time. Thanks


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