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It’s all relative


As I was reading the article on the BBC news website about how people in Northern Europe put their babies to nap outside in winter in temperatures down to -10 degrees, it reminded me how often we believe things to be written in rock. Here in Bosnia, babies are not even taken outside in winter and are covered with many layers of  clothing even if it is 15 degrees! I’ve often had comments about my kids not wearing stockings under their trousers or scarfs around their necks. My own body does not seems to get accustomed to cold but I am quite happy to see them not being bothered by it as they are growing up here and not in Africa like me! Not doing things because “we always did so” has helped us humans move on. If there had not been one man who thought “why should we keep living in a cave, why not built a home instead?”, we’d still be hurdled around the fire, covering our kids with animal fur and watching mammoths painted on the wall.


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  1. fran teclemariam

    \On ne dira jamais assez que les idees sont relatives. En fait qu’est ce qui n’est pas relatif ? La photo est vraiment tres jolie.


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