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Exposition - Potoklinica 050-1The night before we were meant to enter the period of fasting, our house was broken in. Although the thief did not take much he stole two things I find difficult to detach from: my grand-mother’s watch and my camera which was the last birthday gift of my late father. I remember someone telling me that to be detached from things or people we need to love them. If we don’t love, it is not detachment but indifference.

During the fast, we learn to detach ourselves from our bodily needs and specially of food which I simply love!  So apparently I’m in a crash course in detachment and my soul needs some serious work.

As this accidental pattern I photographed a long time ago on a wall of Sarajevo which looked like a portrait, I hope that one day I’ll get a bird’s eye view on what kind of design events and efforts in my life will finally compose. Hopefully something beautiful. Even if it is by accident.



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  1. fran teclemariam

    Ah detachment ! What a painful word in my own life. I always had tendency to gather everything around me. I miss my friends, so is my family, etc… I have the feeling though that II fight daily against pain and sorrow because of the lack of presence. It’s far from being a success. But true, detachment needs love, the highest one. Too often people make the confusion and start sharing misunderstandings. Learning about the robbery you had to suffer, I felt brused too. Let’s wait until we can share news about our comon detachments.

  2. Accidental beauty, and deep love.
    Those walls of Sarajevo are teaching through your art.

    A special thank you, for following my blog for so long – here is a free gift from me to you…


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