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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I start the last day of my period of fasting (from 2 to 20 March, the last month of the Baha’i calendar), I pray that I have cleansed myself from at least some of the dross of the ego. It is a learning curve but I get frustrated about how slow I am to get it right sometimes! For example, I was quite proud of how I handled our break-in when I slowly made a count of all the files that I lost in the missing laptop. Re-writing some of them is pure torture and it is even worse when one is seething with anger. Well, that moment of pride should have tipped me off from the start!

On the topic of learning, this year was quite special as our son who turned 15 started fasting the day after his birthday.  He mentionned that as his body was slowing down during the day, his mind seemed to be sharper and he felt he was able to ponder and meditate on the meaning of his life. His whole demeanour was so joyful compared to the usually grumpy teenager we see in the mornings.  I was truly humbled.

Tonight starts the new year. I wish you and me many learning opportunities!

Happy Naw Ruz!

P.S: I have added a gallery page on this blog for those of you who wish to see my paintings. See here.


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  1. Ego. Constant battle that never ends 🙂
    Happy Naw Ruz to you too!

  2. fran teclemariam

    Beautiful battle ! It is not a usual association of words but it fits in this case. I am so happy for the new page of Benjamin’s life. May this Naw Ruz be the shining start point of his rich long spiritual life and a renewal of hopes and success for the parents efforts in teaching.


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