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Sarajevo Fevrier 2012 036Yesterday, I had one of these great days. I did not start too great with a class of biology with very indolent teens who kept asking “why do we have to know about the skeleton?” , “what is the point of going to school when all we need is on the internet?” .  Growing up in a country where going to school felt like such a privilege I find it difficult to be patient with these questions but nevertheless I tried to answer to the best of my ability. On a side note it seems my own children can read my mind because they never dared to ask me that!

Anyway, the next hour was a class of “Ethics and World Religions” with the same group. This time their attention was very focused. They shared their plans for service projects and listened to each other. They then asked me to stay in circle instead of breaking in small groups (usually they insist on groups). As we were studying the material which follows the life of an orphaned African teenager and his moral dilemma, there were more questions:

“How do we balance taking care of ourselves and taking care of others?”,

” How do we know how to be happy?”  ,

“Why are we actually on earth?”

“What is the purpose of us being on earth?”

I did not really give an answer because I was afraid I’d launch in some hours long speech but I told them that asking these questions is the core of our humanity and they should seek and find answers all their life. As I left the school I felt very blessed to be associated with such a group of amazing people. They’re work-in-progress but going in the right direction!


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  1. I think they will find the answers to their questions by themselves with the help of the material they study and service they will carry out. The group of juniors you seems to be amazing!


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