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Australie Janvier 2012 357A week ago I accompanied a school trip to Paris, France. Apart from the fact that it took me a whole week to recover, it reminded me how amazing the city is. As I walked in the streets of the Quartier-Latin I used to haunt as a student (and my father before me), this time followed by my students (including my son) I had a real experience of “déja-vu”! We took the students on the line 14 of the metro which is totally automated. You can stand in the first car and have the impression you’re driving the train. This is where one of them exclaimed “Wow, it looks like a 3-D movie!”.

And I thought that encapsulated so much! For so many of us the virtual world feels more true than reality. We think others talk about us, we feel the need to get back at them for some harm they have done to us, we fill our head with imaginary scenarios, clever dialogues or witty comebacks in which we of course show ourselves in the best light. Reality is much more simple.  These people live their lives without a thought for you, they have forgotten all about you stuttering or being silent because they are too busy with their lives. So should we all be. We should be so consumed with the passion for living the moment that it becomes the only reality. And as we are all plowing the soil of our selves to get rid of our ego and let the fruits of our souls florish, we cannot afford checking and criticizing each other’s labor or we might end up having a very crooked furrow!


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