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imagesOn my yearly trip back to one of my homelands, France, I took a slower pace to savour the meeting of friends and family. I had the great pleasure of spending a full day with two friends from school. We used to be called the three musketeers then as we were always prompt to raise to a verbal duel. Now that our mane has withened, we still love a challenge but as our hearts bear their scars proudly our words have mellowed and strive to heal rather than cut.

We went to visit the musee Marmottan in the 16th arrondissement. It hosts an amazing collections of paintings from Monet as well as personal artifacts from his home and the one of Berthe Morisot one of the few female impressionists. It is not well known by parisians and unjustly so. It is well worth a visit. Certainly visiting it for me added images I will treasure to the soundtrack of our 36 year old friendship!


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