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I am a woman in her mid-forties who is curious about art, science, people, animals, crafts, friends and who loves talking, observing, laughing, eating and life in general.

It took me forty years to figure out that I did not need to choose between art and science and that what I love most is creativity within both. This blog is meant to share with you inspirational nuggets to get you (and me at the same time) to invent life one day at a time!

Visit my blog “Art is more than fun” to see what I do with kids in my classes.

If you want to buy some of my art drop me a line at

By the way, my full name is Rebecca Anne-Marie Rebbi Teclemariam-Mesbah. I do have an excuse for such a long name but it is too long to tell here!


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  1. Great site! Thanks for swinging by my blog! You’ll have to tell me about your long name one day:)

  2. It took me a similar amount of time to note the same observation about art and science! We’re always learning… (Keep up the good work).


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