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I will not let go but for that I have to let go!

Having spent my childhood in a country where one is constantly reminded of the transient nature of life; beggars, lepers, stray dogs in the street would not be there the next week. And when history decided to play a trick on my parents plans, family and friends where gone.  The unexpected sweetness of life afterwards was always coloured by the nostalgia of the life that had been and the apprehension that this too would pass.  In this beautiful film,  Jason Silva captures the essence of what makes us carry on, never letting go and turning the ephemeral into permanence.  Contrary to what he says though I think this is exactly the essence of detachment: being able to love profoundly and yet being able to not be hindered with that love, turning our longings, our needs, our fears into steps that carry us towards the eternal life. That is the paradox of detachment. If you don’t start with being attached you cannot experience the dizziness of reaching the altitude! I will not let go but for that I have to let go! Existential bummer indeed!