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Apparently this song “Papaoutai” is a hit this summer in France. The title is a funny rendition of the sentence ” Dad, where are you?”
The lyrics are quite sad as the singer Stromae reflects on the absence of his father and that although he was told how to make babies he was never told how to become a father.



Funny how nostalgia is sung all over the world in very similar ways. It is the Portuguese Saudade, the Bosnian Sevdah, the African-American Blues or the Ethiopian Tizita. It stirs your soul and reopens the wounds of the heart longing for a time gone, a love lost, a country that has ceased to exist. You understand the music even when you cannot grasp the words. But somehow you revel in the music as it finally soothes an ache that is the base sound of  your life’s soundtrack.

Here is my father’s and then mine :


I have only one life

For those who know French, Gerald De Palmas has a great song called “Je n’ai qu’une seule vie” in which he basically worries about doing the right thing, feeling guilty of doing nothing and doing what is expected of you.

True, life is short and we pass on this earth only once.  My upcoming 45th birthday is certainly a milestone for my earthly life and I wish to do so many things still. But recently re-reading one of my favorite quote “Beware, O people of Bahá, lest ye walk in the ways of them whose words differ from their deeds.“*,  I thought that the issue is not only to trace your own path in life and make good use of it but also to make sure that life is one, coherent as a whole, connected in all its aspects: that what I believe is translated into what I say and what I say is translated into what I do. I know it seems like a lot to take on, but I thought I could start with baby steps. When I have a frown on my face, my daughter always asks me why I am upset and I am actually not upset… Do I say “this is lovely” to a  child showing me a drawing when I haven’t even looked at it? Our life has so many different compartments and maintaining a line within these, making connections is not always easy but if we at least remain truthful to who we are eventually a harmonious pattern will emerge.

 (* from the Gleanings From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, CXXXIX)